My Teacher Died Today

Jude Chemello died today after a very long battle with metastasized breast cancer.  She was 48.

She had been diagnosed 8 years ago with 7 tumors and told she was untreatable and sent home to die.  She was living off the grid with a man she loved and had been with for many years.  He bought her cyanide to take.

When I became her student, about 2 years ago, she was doing okay, 2 of the tumors had disappeared.  She had gone through surgery for a third.  Then she had a car accident.  And discovered the home she was living in was contaminated with Aspergillus — a particularly nasty mold.  Last summer she moved in with her son.  The change took her away from the mold, but also from her source of hemp oil.

She had been treating her cancer with a combination of Gerson therapy and Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears.  And she had been improving until she could not get the hemp oil any more.  Tamoxifen just wasn’t the same, and actually caused her great pain for her last few months.  Her personal research journal is here.

What was she teaching me?  She was supposed to be teaching me economics.  And she did, by connecting me with the Mises Institute, the Ron Paul R3volution  [who she did NOT consider a messiah], Badnarik’s many books.

She taught me about the fraud that is government.  About how it operates to defraud us at every step.  And guided me while I slowly woke up to the fact that everything I thought I knew about history and my government and how my country operates in the world was actually bullshit.  And she was there when I sat and cried — how stupid could I have been to not see it?

Who was she?  She had grown up as a Mafia princess in Detroit.  She had witnessed her father killing her mother.  She had managed a bar where the main attraction was male strippers.  She had worked for GM.  She rode a Harley with the best of them.  Could tear down an engine and put it back together without a manual.  She supported Occupy WS.  She supported Anonymous.  [I never asked if she was one.]  She said voting was fraud.  During the last election cycle I watched, and sure enough she was right.

She could be incredibly gentle and turn around and be fierce.  She had no fear that I ever saw.  I will miss her terribly.


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