A Horrible Christmas Gift

WASHINGTON — U.S. military officials are investigating the apparent suicide of a Navy SEAL commander in Afghanistan.

Navy SEAL Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., died Saturday of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

A U.S. military official said the death “appears to be the result of suicide.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the death is still being investigated.

“The Naval Special Warfare family is deeply saddened by the loss of our teammate,” said Capt. Robert Smith, Commander of Naval Special Warfare Group Two, which manages all Virginia-based Navy SEAL teams. “We extend our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and NSW community during this time of grieving.”

“As we mourn the loss and honor the memory of our fallen teammate, those he served with will continue to carry out the mission,” Smith added Sunday.

A U.S. military official confirmed Price was from Virginia Beach, Va.-based SEAL Team 4, which is part of the mission to train Afghan local police to stave off the Taliban in remote parts of Afghanistan. Price is survived by a wife and a daughter.


What a horrible Christmas gift for this family.  I sit here writing this, with 2 of my grown sons sleeping on my couches, one snoring loudly.  The other son is spending the holiday with his wife’s family.  I have friends whose sons are overseas, serving in our now-constant wars of occupation.  I cannot imagine the heartache of his parents, his widow and fatherless child.  That kind of pain takes years to subside and never goes away entirely.

We are now to the point that more servicemen commit suicide than die from the various wars.  Our leaders keep sending the same men over and over, as many as 5 combat tours before a break.  How can we expect normal human beings to not break?

Add to this the fact that their bullet casings are now made out of Uranium 238 instead of brass.  That started in 1991 under GHW Bush and the first Gulf War and has continued in every war the USA has been in since.  This is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome.  http://www.countercurrents.org/hall230306.htm  Our soldiers are smart enough to know this.

And now the evidence is slowly coming forward that many of these “suicides” are actually “executions.”  For “failing to follow orders” by cold blooded murder of civilians including children.  For telling others about what the military is really doing in these other countries.  And why the USA is really there.

In the case of Afghanistan, it’s the poppies.  Beautiful flowers that provide the raw materials for opiates, including heroin.  Oh, there are other things, too.  Like oil in a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to India [TAPI].  Gold.  Rare Earth minerals required to build electronics like cell phones.

Will the USA military ever leave?  The American Military is still in the Philippines since 1898 and the Spanish-American War.  Still in Japan since 1945.  What do you think?


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